Making Melan Stand

I have been working away on Melan. 90% of what I've been doing haven't been huge jumps in progress. I spend the great deal of my time correcting mistakes and evening out his body. One thigh plate is to large, one chest plate isn't the correct angle, ect. Corrections take up allot more time then I would like, but such are the limitations of my skill.

Here I'm cleaning up his chest, it still has allot of dents and unevenness to be worked out.

refine chest

I have begun his heals and wings. The heals are visibly not in proper proportion, but I cannot fix the error that is causing it at this point (his feet are not the right proportions). (u_u)


You can see they don't have detail right now, mostly I'm trying to get them to the right shape and make them even (which is difficult with subtle tapered edges).I'm also going to hold off on setting his toes until I've mounted his wings and attached the back of his vest so I can make sure he will stand with the extra weight hanging off his back. I've just begun the wings.

wings being

These are very rough and do not yet have the side discs that flip his wings out.
note: I am NOT crazy or skilled enough to make his wings work, these are going to be permanently closed. I'll be working on him all this week so hopefully I'll have some more interesting progress to show.




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