I tend to associate voice actors with whatever roll I first hear them in. For Yoshitada, this would be Melan. Many years later I would hear him again, but this time as Jiraiya in Naruto. My first and forever reaction is, perverted Melan (0_0)! I love Yoshitada as Jiraiya, but it still bothers me. This was furthered when I herd him as Deneb in Kamen Rider Den-O, Submissive Melan...(+_+)!

Yoshitada will always be Melan to me (^u^).

I was very happy to hear Yoshitada in episode 5. Yonitani seems to use many of the same voice actors in his series. Also present is Maiko Itou (Mamoru from GGG) and Kappei Yamaguchi (Betterman).

Of course many obvious references to まりメラ are present. The amusement park in Asakusa, Nezu shrine and the bath house. Episode 5 also had the Newspaper delivery man that Marin races roll by while and Marin's signature "A-hannnn" .

Yonitani's series tend to all be in the same timeline and have interconnecting characters. It's been very fun to see a Go Nagai series brought into the mix.

Here's hoping to hear KAORI before the show finishes!




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