Return from Tokyo

My trip was all to short but wonderful. What a treat to meet so many writers for the Anthology. What a fantastic group, I can't express enough gratitude to them for including me. To my great surprise, I was given amazing gifts! Everyone was far to kind to me and I will be returning their kindness (all I brought with was chocolate >.<). Just look at this!!!

cellphone strap

First came this amazing cell phone strap. うにょさん made one for each of us. She also gave us copies of her personal まりメラ doujin. If that wasn't enough, she then gave me this. "I got this a long time ago, but I cannot make it." I was shocked!!!

melan garage kit

This is one of one 3 garage kits for Brigadoon. I will do right by her gift and make it fantastic. I'll be adding my own twist to this one as well(^ _ -).

And for those who remember earlier posts, you'll recall my dear friend Hiro. She is still fighting a hard battle in the hospital, but I got to spend a day visiting her. She is wonderful beyond words. My little interim project is based on one of the characters from her original work DOLL.

kaku pic

I thought Kaku would be an interesting challenge (dog anatomy is tougher then it looks)

kaku sculpt

And last but not least: Nezu! It was rather lovely and a great change from the insanity of Asakusa. I'll post pics though the next few weeks.


The Shrine layout is exactly the same as in まりメラ. I was surprised by the accuracy.

nezu 2

I haven't thank everyone properly yet, but I'm still suffering form terrible jet-lag and need to sleep. More later.




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