Holiday delays!

Thanksgiving is finally over and have time to get back to work on Melan. With my family here i just couldn't get upstairs to get any of my まりメラ projects done.

I'm almost finished with my Christmas card (I would show a picture but it is a surprise for someone ^_^). I began Melan's toes and building up his chest pieces.

chest build up

I also began smoothing out his back. I'm still trying to figure how I will re enforce his wings, i just do not trust the sculpting clay not to crack.

back piece

In the mean time I made a simple Christmas ornament so I could feel productive while my family was here. It's soft looking and not very refined, but still kinda of cute. I need to finish off his eyes and give him a hook then I can send him on his way (he is a present for someone).

christmas ornament!

if not to make my project list longer I began a computer illustration. I've never done an illustration 100% in Photoshop before, normally I draw out an image and scan my pencil. I'm not happy with Marin's face but this will have to wait until I get my Christmas card done.


I get so little time to draw (90% of my draw time is on the train to work) that I feel almost desperate to start as many projects as I can just to get the ideas out of my head. This results in many slow to finish projects : <

A note on Yui's Pion post last week. I had never thought of the resemblance with a paper Crane before, really on the mark. Poor Pion, I always though he looked like a Pierrot ( 3_3). i defiantly prefer the new mental association.

Graceさん、Thank you for the kind words, I don't know if I can cast this figure but I will do my best to make the next one castable.

Yuiさん、I love your work, your illustrations are a real pleasure.


keep going, the sculpture is looking good. =D I can't wait till it's complete. I know another site making a melan figure too, but I think yours is waaaaaaaay better honestly ^_^ [��ʸ��:v-218] you can visit the site here, see how his figure looks like:
but like what I said I like your work better haha =D
Wow...that is amazing. It's so nice to see Brigadoon anime fans still around, and compeltely talented ones at that! I think I may start drawing fanart for it again because of seeing your work, it's wonderful. Please keep it up!
Nice! I'm a fan of Brigadoon--even though I've never actually watched the whole series, but the first two to five episodes was enough for me to love it. It's been two years already since you probably posted this entry. XD Oh well!


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