9 years later...

I began creating this figure not to long after I first saw Brigadoon. I only got but so far and gave up. Melan was to difficult for me to complete at the time, so I snapped of his head, packed it away and hoped that one day I'd find the motivation to try again. 9 years later I found it. The New generation of MariMera fans really got my motivation (90% of this came after finding Yoko-sans site). Now after many weeks Melan is starting to shape up. I'm not the best sculptor but I really want to finish him this time (and hopefully go on to make a better one after).

About 2 weeks ago Melan had a minor accident where both legs broke off, hip cracked and shoulder exploded during baking My sad little Jyukenshi is now back on track (abet a very slow one but a track none the less). I rue myself for not sculpting on a proper supported armature because the way I’m working is backwards and slow.

Everything I add onto his main body from here on out has to be done in sculptable epoxy. This limits my progress considerably. I can do only so much then I have to wait 24 hours before the stuff is sandable. This sucks (patience isn’t one of my strong points).

I’ve gotten him to a point where I’ve begun to work on tightening up my edges and that’s were things slow down even more. As I’ve stated before I’m not that great at sculpting so it really becomes a task to clean up my messy edges. I’ve posted some new pictures so illustrate what I mean.
melan 3
melan 2
melan 1
melan 4


I can't see the picture where is it? T_T
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