Holiday delays!

Thanksgiving is finally over and have time to get back to work on Melan. With my family here i just couldn't get upstairs to get any of my まりメラ projects done.

I'm almost finished with my Christmas card (I would show a picture but it is a surprise for someone ^_^). I began Melan's toes and building up his chest pieces.

chest build up

I also began smoothing out his back. I'm still trying to figure how I will re enforce his wings, i just do not trust the sculpting clay not to crack.

back piece

In the mean time I made a simple Christmas ornament so I could feel productive while my family was here. It's soft looking and not very refined, but still kinda of cute. I need to finish off his eyes and give him a hook then I can send him on his way (he is a present for someone).

christmas ornament!

if not to make my project list longer I began a computer illustration. I've never done an illustration 100% in Photoshop before, normally I draw out an image and scan my pencil. I'm not happy with Marin's face but this will have to wait until I get my Christmas card done.


I get so little time to draw (90% of my draw time is on the train to work) that I feel almost desperate to start as many projects as I can just to get the ideas out of my head. This results in many slow to finish projects : <

A note on Yui's Pion post last week. I had never thought of the resemblance with a paper Crane before, really on the mark. Poor Pion, I always though he looked like a Pierrot ( 3_3). i defiantly prefer the new mental association.

Graceさん、Thank you for the kind words, I don't know if I can cast this figure but I will do my best to make the next one castable.

Yuiさん、I love your work, your illustrations are a real pleasure.

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