Working On Kaku

I picked up Kaku this weekend and nearly finished him. I'll get better pictures when I'm done. Next up is The Melan garage kit.

Kaku Green
Kaku Green2

Here is a Link to Hiro's Memorial Book which should be taking orders very soon.
Pink Flower

Rest in Peace

My dear sweet friend is now at rest. At 2:39AM on November 14th, Hiro breathed her last.
She lived longer then was expected and purely on her own strength and the love of those around her (I say this with great certainty as her treatments starting in January of this year had little to no effect).

She represents an strength that many forget in the face of modern medicine.

I love her deeply and will never let go of the time we had together.

Please go and enjoy her work.

Hiro's Work

new figure

I have been working on Kaku. He's a bit delicate so it's going slower then I thought it would.

kaku pic 5

kaku pic 6

kaku pic 6-2

precious gift

My friend is too kind to me. A package arrive from her on Friday and this was inside along with books of her original work. She is simply amazing.

pencil melan

This delicate pencil drawing broke my heart. I cannot find a way to repay such kindness. I just wanted to share a bit. I want everyone to know her talent.

I do not have any figure updates for this past week, I hope to get more done next week or weekend.

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