Still Behind

Have not written a proper thank you yet, please forgive me. Clean up from the storm and negligence is almost complete. Preparation for my visit to Tokyo used all my free time (as did work) leaving garden work fall terribly behind (I rather be working on my figures then digging out trees).

Found two silly drawings that were done for Hiro. Many times I did not have fun story or photo to send her so I would attempt a 4 comi (i am terrible at these) or just a silly illustration.

simpsons pion


I quite often sent her underwear jokes (see previous post about underwear preferences for Jyukenshi), I miss my evening emails to her.


Mr. Director has a knack for making characters suffer. While this can be true to life, it would be nice to see them catch a break once in a while.


いろいろ スケッチ

scanned some sketches from my book. These images run a wide gamut of thoughts. Some are silly, some are just for the sake of whatever medium I was working in and some are extensions of ideas from the show (if Melan cannot use whistle candy, would slurping ramen be difficult?).

The scans dull the paper and hide interesting paints (gold and iridescent) but since most of my drawing time happens when I'm commuting to work I have the bulk of my drawings in analog form.

Dark Pyon
laying down painted version

Many of these I only showed to Hiro. Just a collection of silly images to pass the time for her.

April is busy

April has been so busy that I don't have enough time for drawing or sculpting(I really must begin the next kit). April is when all preparatory work is done for summer growing. Usually I'll do small drawings during my commute to and from home, then maybe I'll add some paint at home. Now I am quite tired from the work outside and sleep on the train.

Endless yard work made me think about Submaton Color's strange food. Can this be cultivated for normal use? Do Lolo's pies get baked or grown?

How does one start and onigiri plant (・w・)?

grow it

Future thoughts

Long time sine last post.
Very happy everyone I know is safe. My love and hopes go out to everyone that has suffered. I try to refocus myself from worry for the world and life's trouble by drawing again. まりメラ clams my mind.

If left together in Tokyo, what type of life would they live? Assuming only one income, probably a small apartment would be possible. Few amenities would be had, but really are not necessary when you are with the one you love.

Hot Tokyo summers can be difficult in a small space; thankfully Melan is better then air-conditioning ( ^ _^)


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