Still Behind

Have not written a proper thank you yet, please forgive me. Clean up from the storm and negligence is almost complete. Preparation for my visit to Tokyo used all my free time (as did work) leaving garden work fall terribly behind (I rather be working on my figures then digging out trees).

Found two silly drawings that were done for Hiro. Many times I did not have fun story or photo to send her so I would attempt a 4 comi (i am terrible at these) or just a silly illustration.

simpsons pion


I quite often sent her underwear jokes (see previous post about underwear preferences for Jyukenshi), I miss my evening emails to her.

All Ok

Made it through the storm with no damage, I am very very very lucky. I msut take some photos then I will write a proper post ^_^

Temp post

I intended to make a thank you post lat week but was suffering from bad jet lag. Right now I am preparing for Hurricane Irene but wanted to get this in.

To everyone at summer comi, Thank you!! Seima, Unyro, Tetsuko and Aoi, dinner was wonderful, really very fun. Everyone's work is wonderful.

Daiki, I don't have words suitable to thank you with.

I will give a proper thank you after the storm is over.




Mr. Director has a knack for making characters suffer. While this can be true to life, it would be nice to see them catch a break once in a while.


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